The transformation of agricultural systems

Innovative approaches for sustainable agricultural production

In the "Agricultural Systems of the Future" funding line, eight consortia are studying and exploring innovative and unconventional approaches for a sustainable agricultural economy. "Agricultural Systems of the Future" is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the "National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030".

In the sense of Agriculture 4.0 and with a view to bioeconomic principles, alternative food sources, new forms of land use, resource-efficient closed energy and material cycle systems combined with smart and high-tech, artificial intelligence and user-oriented digitalization processes play a central role.

© Agricultural Systems of the Future

The vision of the "Agricultural Systems of the Future" is the transformation towards a sustainable, fair and responsible agricultural economy that focuses on people and the environment.

To achieve this vision together, all eight consortia of the "Agricultural Systems of the Future" have identified and defined overarching transformation pathways in the "Pathway to Impact" workshop series.

The transformation pathways show the consortium-specific and bundled contributions of "Agricultural Systems of the Future" to agricultural transformation:

  • Local and Regional (Material) Cycles Systems.
  • Sustainable land management systems and management
  • Healthy and attractive work systems in agriculture
  • Integrative indoor production systems

They provide a conceptual framework for structured and targeted collaboration and a starting point for the concrete design of a joint roadmap.

At the same time, they provide an indication of necessary follow-up activities and form the foundation for joint communication of the " Agricultural Systems of the Future" in politics, business and society.