Vision and Mission

The agricultural economy is facing major and diverse challenges. But what kind of agricultural economy are we aiming for and how do we want to achieve it? As the »Agricultural Systems of the Future« funding program, we have asked ourselves these questions and summarized our vision and mission in statements.

Our Vision

»Our vision is a fair, reliable and responsible agricultural economy from countryside to city that places people and the environment at the center. For sustainably produced food on every plate.«


The efforts of the farmers is recognized, including good working conditions, economic security and an adequate income along the entire value chain.


The agricultural systems are sustainable and environmentally friendly and take ecosystem management into account. The aim is to reduce emissions and lower the usage of resources. Chemical synthetic pesticides are not used and biodiversity and soil fertility are promoted.


Resilient and resistant production systems safeguard food production even in times of climate change and pandemics and make it economically viable in the long term.

Our Mission

»Our mission is to transform the agricultural economy in the direction of the bioeconomy. To achieve this, we investigate, develop and conduct tests of innovative solutions in dialog with all stakeholders. From farm to fork - and back.«


Aspects of the Transformation

Transfer of the principles of the bioeconomy to the agricultural economy


New material flows, circulation-oriented

Linking ecology and economy

Inter- and transdisciplinary research in dialogue with society as a whole

Use of real laboratories and living labs

Research/promotion of bioeconomic innovations

Design and implementation of system solutions

Participation for the development of socially accepted solutions

Systemic view

Value chain from farm to fork and back again

Enabling synergies via networking

System openness without established path dependencies