Panel discussion BE-U Behrensufer BERLIN DESIGN WEEK with food4future

The future of sustainable food in cities: The food trends of tomorrow

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Podiumsdiscussion at Behrensufer
Podiumsdiscussion at Behrensufer

On Tuesday, 30 April, project coordinator Prof. Dr. Monika Schreiner from the food4future consortium took part in a panel discussion entitled ‘The future of sustainable food in cities’ as part of the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK programme at BE-U Behrens-Ufer.

Natalie Maria Tacke, in her role as Head of food LAB, led the discussion with expertise and enchanting charm. Together with Sarah Decoine, Tim Fronzek, Joern Gutowski and Lidia Fabian, Monika Schreiner discussed how food trends in urban areas will develop in the future and what role sustainability aspects will play in this.

The key messages and message of this successful discussion:

An urgent need to promote plant-based diets without waiting for a cultural shift or generational change.
A decisive improvement in the product quality of meat-free alternatives is required in order to integrate them into food production.
A sustainable and future-orientated circular economy, in which drinking water plays a very important role.
Networking, promoting dialogue and cooperation between companies and start-ups is essential.
Early involvement of scientists and politicians to avoid bottlenecks such as the regulations for novel foods in Europe.
Following the discussion, visitors were given the opportunity to exchange ideas. They were able to continue networking while savouring delicious snacks from BettaFish and Zeevi.

The food4future team exchanged ideas with Valeriya Denisova (Master's student at the University of Potsdam) and several students from the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) about future projects and learnt about Lena Jacobi's impressive Master's presentation entitled ‘Designing planet responsible futures - a Master's thesis on food, design and futures’.