Yield Potential of Cropping Systems without Chemical Synthetic Plant Protection Products in NOcsPS field trials in Germany

Autoren: Ingrid Claß-Mahler, Beate Zimmermann, Wilfried Hermann, Jürgen Schwarz, Hans-Peter Piepho, Iris Lewandowski, Hella Kehlenbeck, Enno Bahrs

NOcsPS   |   01.2024    peer reviewed
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In endeavors to manage agricultural cropping systems without the application of chemical-synthetic plant protection products (CSPs), one of the greatest challenges is ensuring yield performance. The literature provides a wealth of data on organic farming yields and the gap between organic and conventional systems, but little knowledge on the yield performance of cropping systems that use mineral fertilizers but not CSPs. This paper presents the first results of field trials at two locations in Germany comparing cultivation systems that are free of chemical-synthetic plant protection, but use mineral fertilizers, with both conventional and organic cropping systems. These system trials are part of the joint research project "Agriculture 4.0 without chemical-synthetic plant protection (NOcsPS)". Initial results show that CSP-free cultivation systems generally achieve lower yields than conventional systems, but considerably higher yields than organic systems.

Publikationsdatum: 01.2024

Verlag: Julius-Kühn-Institut

Publikationstyp: Journal-Artikel